Smart Labelling System 9000

Smart Labelling System 9000 series is the most modern and up to date labelling  system for Coils and Bars.

The system marks the products by applying an adhesive label printed on-line by thermal transfer printer.

The label can contain characters, logos, Barcode, Data Matrix etc.

Barcode, and especially the Data Matrix, allow the easy and automatic reading of the product code, making the tracking systems very reliable.

Very wide range of materials are available for labels, from common/special paper or plastic, to very thin metal. The adhesive is available for permanent or removable application, applied on entire or partial surface of the label. Joining the partial adhesive and the strap detection option, the label can be stuck on the strap only, allowing its removal, at the same time of the strap removal operation.

SLS 9000 is mainly composed of:

  • Robot arm
  • Cabinet for the label Printer(s)
  • Electrical cabinets
  • HMI

It is very flexible and configurable according to the customer needs and can be installed no matter where the product is located and with any orientation (horizontal, vertical or at a slant) for the duration of the marking cycle. The labelling tool is engineered to operate for long periods without particular maintenance requirements or wearing issues of the components.

The system is fully automatic and equipped with advanced diagnostics, making the maintenance and troubleshooting easy.

It receives the marking data from the customer automation system or HMI and prints the label. The robot picks the label up and reaches the waiting position. After the start, the robot touches the product using a mechanical probe and stick the label on it. The label is pressed on the surface by means of a special tool guaranteeing the perfect adhesion on the products.  Then, the camera verifies the code readability and allows the product evacuation.

The system has a long autonomy due to the large label feeder capacity (typically more than 2000 labels/printer). Refilling operations are easy and require very short time. Optionally the system can be equipped with a second printer to ensure longer autonomy, greater fault tolerance and to avoid unlabelled products when the first printer runs out of labels.

When the system is equipped with 2 printers, a special Safety Package is available to allow refilling operations on the empty printer while the system is labelling, using the other printer.

Labelling cycle can be repeated in case the camera fails to read the code, improving the global performances close to 99.X %.


  • Barcode or Data Matrix reader
  • Second printer
  • Strap detection
  • Safety package (to allow refilling during labelling)

Main Features (options depending):

  • Code Readability Check
  • Automatic Cycle Repetition

Typical specifications:

  • Product temperature: 5 – 800 °C
  • Markings: Characters (any font), Logos, Barcode, Data Matrix
  • Max label width (mm): 104; 168; 216
  • Label materials: paper, plastic, metal

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