IMTS offers the most modern reading systems for Linear Barcode, Data Matrix, QR Code and OCR Font. IMTS can provide stationary or handheld readers as stand alone or the full system for integration with the customer’s automation system.

SR 200 Smart Reader
SR 250 Smart Reader & Recognizer

Smart Reader 200 series is a device, smart camera based, specifically designed  to read codes marked on hot/cold metal products. It reads 1D and 2D codes with any orientation and  regardless of the marking technology used (e.g. laser, ink, paint etc…).

The reader is very useful in production lines where product tracking is required. Typically only few readers installed in key points of the production line, such as the end of a cooling bed or entrance of a furnace etc., fulfill the tracking requirements.

SR 200 was specifically engineered to be installed in metal making shops, therefore it is rugged, reliable and highly resistant to heat, dust, vibration and noise, all necessary features to work in such environments.

SR 200 is mainly composed of:

  • Smart camera
  • Lens
  • Optical filter
  • High Power LED
  • Stainless steel enclosure

The rugged enclosure can be equipped with the air or water cooled camera base plate and the mechanical shutter for heat and dust protection.

The shutter is always closed except for a few seconds each reading, making the lens cleaning operation a very rare need.

SR 200 can be equipped with one or two High Power LED’s, flash driven, allowing the fast capture of images particularly suitable for moving products. The flash also minimizes the day/night brightness difference, ensuring an high definition, quality and contrast to the image.

The reader is connected to the customer automation system to manage the start signal and data exchange.

The SR 250 model has the following additional functions:

  • Products localization (X, Y, angle)
  • Products counting (billet, blooms)
  • Detection of unmarked products


  • Single High Power LED
  • Double High Power LED
  • Shutter
  • Water cooled version

Typical specifications:

Power supply: 24 Vdc
Digital I/O: 2 Inputs, 4 Outputs
Data Link: Ethernet
Read codes: 39, 128, Data Matrix (other on request)

Contact us to know more about special versions.