marking systems


Founded in 2008, by people with long experience in the marking field, IMTS is one of the most specialized company in marking and reading systems of metallurgical products.

Strong background coming from long working experience, joined with an active R&D, leads to the design and implementation of state-of-the-art solutions to meet the customer needs.

This is why customers all around the world choose our very special solutions.

To design tailor made systems for the customers, IMTS is organized with advanced workstations for:

  • 3D modeling: to design the whole assembly to perfectly fit in existing production lines, reducing as much as possible the modifications and interferences with existing parts
  • Automation/Electrical Design: to produce error-free electrical drawings thanks to advanced and specific CAD tools
  • Robot Simulation: To test, from the early stages of the project, the positions reachability, interpolation of trajectories and cycle time with high accuracy before to build the system

Due to the above mentioned design methods and  tests, the unexpected problems generated after the manufacturing or commissioning are substantially absent.

marking systems

IMTS is attentive to the environment by developing high efficiency systems to reduce the consumption of electricity.
For our facility, we use about 60% of the electricity produced by photovoltaic panels.