Pin Stamping System 2000

Pin Stamping System 2000 series is a strong and reliable system to stamp permanent markings on Pipes, Plates, Billets, Blooms, Bars and  Samples.

The stamping head can have single pin or multi pins to stamp characters simultaneously (1 for each pin), making the system extremely fast.

The pin marks the product, engraving dot matrix or dots close to each other to form continuous lines. The stamping head has an internal X-Y table to move the pin according to the shape of the markings. Pins are pneumatically fired against the product to be marked, synchronously with the X-Y table.

The long stroke of the pin (12 mm), allows the pin tip to hit the product even if the surface is uneven (as usually happen for torch cut billet), thus guaranteeing to fully mark the character shape.

Stamping head can mark any alphanumeric character (Latin and Cyrillic fonts), logos and Data Matrix (readable on regular surface only).

Height, Width, Space and Resolution of the characters can be easily changed by means of software parameters.

PSS 2000 can be customized according to the application, manipulating the stamping head by a traditional mechanical machine or by an industrial robot.  It can be installed anywhere the product needs to be marked.

The System  was specifically designed to operate in harsh environments like steel plants. It is mainly composed of:

  • Robot or a mechanical machine to manipulate the stamping head
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Pneumatic panel
  • HMI

The marker is fully automatic and equipped with advanced diagnostics, making the maintenance and troubleshooting easy.

Marking data can be sent by the factory automation system or typed by HMI.

The Pin Stamping System does not need consumables and the pin has a long service life (about  500.000 characters) before being re-sharpened.

The system can be equipped with any of the following stamping head:

  • Single pin
  • Multi-pin (up to 21)

In order to determine the position of the product to be marked, PSS 2000 can be equipped with one of the following devices:

  • Mechanical probe
  • Optical probe
  • Laser sensor

Typical Specifications:

  • Product temperature: up to 1000°C
  • Markings: Alphanumeric characters, logos and Data Matrix
  • Character height: 7 – 15 mm (other on request)
  • Stamping time: up to 10 ch/s (20 pins configuration)

Contact us to know more about special versions.